Drumming classes on Sundays at 1:00 pm

African Drum classes continue on Sundays.

Register/Drop In at 1:00 pm, at Mindful Mountain Yoga studio.

Caribbean - African Drumming. Drop in attendance continues!

Hand drums, traditionally the djembe covered with goatskin or congas with cowhide skins, and modern versions made of fiberglass, are the core of our drumming. Learning base, tone and slap sounds, we practice simple beats. Tone, tone, base. The dundun, struck with a small mallet, keeps time. Other hand drums can also play- ashikos, bongos, plus a variety of other percussion played in time with our beat. Cowbells, tambourines, cymbals, clave, gongs, and other sounds that Malcolm has in his bag.
        Our teacher, Malcolm Dendtler, brings a wealth of experience stretching across musical styles and traditions, including African, Afro-Cuban, Latin, Jazz and Caribbean rhythms. Even traditional folk origins and military march find their beats into our classes. See his bio at:
        Bring your own drum or we have extra drums available.
        Sunday, at 1:00pm, our drum basics class is $15 to drop in.
  Four Sundays of drumming classes- Session fee is $48. No experience needed. Participation happens at everyone's own ability.

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        Gift Certificates are available on the Home Page

Drum beats paced by the heart, 4 to 6 times faster than breath, entrained by the currents and eddies of a universal rhythm.
We practice a beat, simple or progressively complex, drumming together into an eventual crescendo! A whole lot of fun but also -

 Drumming reduces blood pressure, heart rate, anxiety and stress.

 Brain white matter and cognitive function increase.

 Pain is reduced.

 Drumming  reduces stress and increases immunity.

 Group drumming improves anxiety and attention. It taps into feeling alive and joyful!