Mindful Mountain Yoga is excited to be the first (and only) dedicated yoga studio in Amherst County. Our name comes from how we practice, being mindful, and from who we are, the Blue Ridge is in the water and in our DNA.

The studio offers opportunities for group yoga and tai chi classes at all levels of experience for students interested in maintaining overall health, as part of athletic training, and for improving injury, illness and loss of conditioning which comes with aging. Our classes are a safe, supportive community where we can laugh at our own foibles without worry or judgement.

Not only about movement and balance in the body, yoga and tai chi practice engaged focus and mental stillness. Many students come to classes because life is stressful and there is little opportunity to let go of the continual demands calling for our attention. Our classes are a chance to recharge ourselves and reclaim those moments of appreciating who we are.

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Reach out to veterans 

In 2006 I taught yoga classes for veterans at the V.A. hospital in Montrose, NY, mostly Viet Nam era servicemen still carrying unique stresses which made it difficult to sleep, hold steady employment or be otherwise successful. Since then I have a 'veterans participate for free' policy. (John K)

Group classes are open to everyone. 

Private group experience are arranged for local businesses, family gatherings, retreats and other events.

We have private instruction for therapeutic assistance for injury or illness challenges. rehabilitation for knees, hips, thoracic surgeries, post traumatic stress relief from service, accidents and other anxiety. Pulmonary function strengthening with individualized breathing exercises, and rehab for geriatric weakness. Individual yoga offers support for stroke and TBI recovery.

Consideration is given to individual circumstances, including personal home activity plans. 


Studio is closed Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, and Memorial Day. 

Weather emergency closings will post to the website and FB pages. We hope to make a decision at least 2 hours before class.