Community Yoga

We have health & wellness relationships ongoing in our community. 

DePaul Community Services provides a bimonthly chair yoga class to the intellectually disabled adults in their day support program, at our studio. 

Do you have a family member with intellectual disability who could benefit from stretch and relax class? We welcome community participants, caregivers are invited if desired.

Often, intellectual disability tends to turn inward with less movement and smaller breath. Results can be weakness leading to falls and back pain, as well as respiratory atrophy causing lung infection. Avoid potential hospitalization and promote engaged fun activity.

Contact us for details.


Central Elementary School (CES) has an ongoing yoga program once a week for staff which we provide after school, on site, for school staff and school parents, grandparents and family members. 

Small business participation. We provide weekly stretch yoga classes for local businesses interested in

a health & wellness program for employees, either on site or in studio. Inquire about employer cost savings. 


Event based yoga presentations are a great way for people to bond together, whether for a church or nonprofit retreat, wedding or other celebration, or special occasion (spa day). Recent yoga events were an African drumming presentation and participation for Black History Month, and a large group yoga event recognizing caregivers for National Caregivers Month. 

At Yoga Jam in Floyd VA

At Yoga Jam in Floyd VA


Individual private class instruction at your home or business location is $60, at a convenient time.

Sliding fee arrangement based on number of participants for larger groups.