Yoga Teacher Training & Mentorship November 2019

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Ready for yoga study?

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification at Mindful Mountain Yoga studio. Lecture and Clinical Mentorship.

Learn spinal anatomy and movement precautions, yoga safety first. Clinical attention is given to the prevention of injury. Learn postures- the incremental alignments to build a pose, to transition between poses, how to teach mindful posture. Physiology and anatomy informs postures (what happens in inversions) and instructs general knowledge (the heart is actually divided in half to bookend our breath). Learn how to approach chronic pathologies such as arthritis, back pain and old injuries; how to modify postures for limitations, to assist not hamper rehab. By the program's end we grasp postural workings of muscles and bones, the functioning of organs and different body systems (i.e. nervous, respiratory) working together.

Our yoga teachers train a varety of breath instruction (pranayama), and understand meditation with different mindfulness techniques. Study the philosophical roots of yoga, and how it is understood in today's western society. We teach about the different kinds of yoga, the various styles of hatha yoga, and yoga for specific populations, i.e. during pregnancy, kids yoga, chair yoga. We discuss not only the physical body but also the energy body’s system of pathways and chakras, and yoga’s spiritual practice to connect beyond ourselves.

We give students real world practice in teaching posture sequences and leading classes. We address teaching styles, hands on practice in leading group and individual classes. Guest teachers will offer their expert insights and knowledge.

This 30+ week series of yoga practice and study qualifies the participant for yoga teaching in Virginia and many other states, as well as internationally. Our 200 hour teaching certification offers a diploma qualifying you to lead yoga classes, not injure anyone, and gives you a basic understanding of yoga principals. We know being a yoga teacher is a life choice which is learning that does not end.

Our mind-body movement study can benefit anyone wanting to deepen their practice or interested in understanding of how mind, body and spirit fit together. Yoga teacher certification is not only for individuals following a calling to teach.

Anyone can attend individual lectures to deepen their understanding. The lecture topics emphasize anatomy and physiology, as well as traditional yoga philosophy. A specific topic of that week may be of interest for $50 attendance per week. Yoga is the proactive way people use to prevent or moderate injury. Since spinal issues and back pain affect so many of us, awareness of the different spinal injuries and other pathologies is critical. Bring your questions.

Yoga teacher training can be prohibitively expensive. Our studio offers a unique approach at a lower cost to the student, with several options to pay. It is mentorship more typical of traditional yoga training before it became a nationally regulated program. Certification offers ongoing support beyond completion and the potential for teaching at our studio. Everyone brings their own talents to yoga teaching. We bring out individual strengths and interests. We cover a lot, embarking on this exciting journey.

Tuition for this course is $1,500, or can be paid in 2 installments of $775. There are also a few limited internship opportunities for teacher training students as well as novice teachers. Teacher training includes homework requirements (at home posture practice, reading & study), and regular attendance at group yoga classes.

We look forward to practicing with you. Interested students can contact our studio at