About Yoga

  We practice a personal yoga style, suitable for anyone beginning with yoga or having an active practice. Mindful stretching, balance and breath awareness considers individual limitations, with modifications for challenging postures. Encouraged to test our abilities through physical effort and mental focus, classes are taught with humor, able to smile at ourselves, without being judgmental or competitive.

What do we need to start?

      Yoga is adaptable to many circumstances, even from moving in a chair. There are no contraindications to practicing yoga. Doctors, mental health professionals and physical therapists all recommend an appropriate level yoga practice.

      Wear comfortable clothes for sitting on the floor. Bring your own yoga mat, purchase one at the studio, or use one of our extra mats. Avoid eating a large meal before class.

      Class movements are within our ability. We breathe with a slow easy breath, giving ourselves the chance to let go within a stretch.